Formatting pamphlets so people don’t have to read everything on the internet.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. What application/process do y’all use to produce the pamphlets? Right now, I create the cover in photoshop, then arrange text using Word along with a service called Create Booklet [mac], but always end up with super-wide margins at the top and bottom of the page which shrinks the text. I’m trying to start up a small distro with a similar aim as yours (http://rifams-distro.tumblr.com) and am trying to learn a new technique

  2. I would also recommend InDesign… there are a ton of YouTube videos that can help you with the basics of that program. I also am working on a similar publishing site to both of yours (https://secretadmirer.noblogs.org/) — the website is a little behind, but I’m about to upload a ton of stuff. I’m gonna link to both of yours on my front page — would you all do the same thing of me? It’d be sweet to start building a constellation of these sites so these physical copies are more accessible as easier for people stumble across.

  3. Thanks! I’ve appreciated being able to pick up the new Crimethinc articles at the bookstore instead of having to either stare at a screen for hours or, more often, wait months for the New Rolling Thunder to come out. It was also nice to be able to have stacks of the Deserting the Digital Utopia zine for hacking events in the area.

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